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In the digital age, reputation management is paramount for hotels.

Every negative review on TripAdvisor leads to 40 lost bookings for a hotel. So it’s incredibly important to get to ask your guests for feedback before the end of their stay so that you can correct a negative situation before it spirals out of control. Zoottle is a hotel marketing toolset that automates the reputation management process for hotels, allowing you to boost your TripAdvisor score and get valuable feedback effortlessly. Here’s how it works:

 Seamless Integration

The Zoottle device connects to your Hotel’s WiFi and captures emails when guests log on. It then sends an automated email before your guest checks out that contains a guest satisfaction survey.

 Keep it Brief

The shorter the survey, the more likely the guest will respond. That’s why we use Net Promoter Score for our surveys, which is proven to be the most accurate way to gauge overall impressions while taking away individual preferences.

 Proven Results

Our hotels, on average, have reported a 40% response rate from our guest satisfaction surveys. What could you do with that kind of feedback and valuable information?

Get more feedback with less asking

When a guest leaves a positive review, we will send an automated message thanking them and asking them to review the hotel on TripAdvisor. Hotels that use Zoottle can expect a 40% increase in their positive reviews.

If a guest leaves a negative review, Zoottle automatically sends a message to the hotel staff so they can correct the situation before the guest leaves. This is where the real magic happens – a 70% decrease in negative reviews.

“Zoottle’s service automated the processes which we had been doing manually for so long. For example, the platform sends all of our happy customers an invitation to write a review for us! In hospitality, often the small details make the biggest impacts.”

George Tsolakaki, Director of Sales at Aqua Vista Hotels

Zoottle also includes:

 Email Capture

Zoottle connects to your existing WiFi and captures the email address of every single person who logs on. You can use these email addresses to send them promotions and encourage rebooking.

Banner Advertising

Set up free announcements and coupons that your guests will see when they log on to your hotel’s WiFi. You can target these by day of visit, age, gender, etc. You can also inject banners with your products and services while guests surf the internet, so your guests spend more during their stay.

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