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Now that Spring Break is behind us, our family is planning our summer vacation. When we were
debating where we should go, I was struck by the powerful influence the reviews were in
influencing the decision on where we would go and where to stay. But we are not alone. An
astounding number of people follow this selection process. In fact, Bright Local found that 84%
of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. And with the new Travel
platform Google recently released, if you’re not in the top 12 you’ve effectively been relegated
to search engine purgatory. Here are some steps you can take to get in front of this
phenomenon before the shift adversely impacts your bottom line:

1. Responsiveness is Crucial
Google My Business is designed to provide users with an interactive experience. People can
post questions on the Map portion of the review, and they’ll undoubtedly expect a quick
response. Google does provide alerts, so you know when someone has posted a question. But
it’s up to you to provided quick response in order to convert the search into a booking.

2. Guest Experience Drives Ratings
A Review Tracker study found that customers are 80% more likely to book a hotel with 4 stars
and above. So, it should be no surprise that the more stars a property has in its rating, the
higher it will rank in the search. Of course, the guest experience is a key driver of the star rating;
but you also have to manage the detractors who easily tank your score. Dissatisfied guests are
actually five times more likely to write a review. Therefore, you have to have a mechanism in
place to identify dissatisfied guests while encouraging happy customers to share their stories.

3. In-Stay Surveys Promote Results
You can do that by using In-Stay Surveys to zero in on any trouble spots and quickly take
corrective action. By leveraging In-Stay Surveys and identifying issues you can turn a potentially
bad story into a glowing review.

So now this leaves us with the hoteliers must; increase Google reviews, increase positive
reviews, manage negative reviews and most importantly utilize Google My Business. It is
important to note that the best way for hoteliers to get the best review results is to create
satisfied customers. Chick-fil-A become one of the most successful fast food chains by not only
providing good food quickly but by saying please and thank you. It goes a long way with your


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