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Hoteliers will now have access to a team offering digital marketing expertise and a world class customer engagement and retention platform.

Park City, Utah, November 9th, 2018 – Zoottle, an award-winning provider of customer engagement and retention software, and GCommerce, a leading provider of digital marketing services to the hospitality industry, announced a strategic partnership today to bring a full-suite of marketing and customer engagement solutions to the hospitality industry. Hoteliers now have the opportunity to leverage the expertise of both companies to improve direct-bookings, retain more customers and improve the overall guest experience at a profit.

The partnership will allow both companies to cross-refer services to their existing client base as well as present a unified set of solutions, to help hoteliers with more effective marketing and engagement to meet modern guest expectations. With the digital marketing expertise of GCommerce, existing and future clients of Zoottle will be able to optimize their web experiences, build stronger brand awareness through social and digital channels, and improve the likelihood of direct bookings.

GCommerce delivers innovative digital marketing and web programs focused on inspiring guests and improving direct bookings”, commented Christos Perakis, Co-Founder and CEO of Zoottle. This partnership is a perfect match. GCommerce has built its brand by focusing on using the digital ecosphere to drive direct bookings for hoteliers. Zoottle has been proven to capture guest email addresses at a remarkable rate, giving hotel marketers more options to retain past guests and drive incremental revenue.

Zoottle is a simple but effective platform. Upon installation, guests are asked to give their email address or connect through their Facebook account before accessing the hotel WiFi. This simple technique has been proven to dramatically increase guest email capture rates. Once a guest is logged in, the Zoottle platform allows hotel marketers to set up announcements and coupons, boosting the average revenue per guests. The platform also comes with a real-time guest satisfaction survey, allowing hotels to know about dissatisfied guests in real time. Finally, with a far greater email capture rate, hoteliers are able to market more effectively to past guests.

Improving guest email capture rates is something GCommerce has been focused on for many years, as it leads to sustainable long-term revenue growth. When we were introduced to Zoottle and the results of their platform, we knew immediately that they offered a powerful solution for our clients.noted Chris Jackson, CEO of GCommerce.  “We are excited to work with Zoottle and our clients and look forward to a successful partnership”.

Clients of Zoottle and GCommerce will be receiving information on each company’s respective offerings in the coming weeks, including a guide for integrating a digital marketing program with a guest capture and retention program.

About Zoottle

Zoottle’s award-winning solutions have set the bar for customer engagement and retention software in the hospitality industry, with customers in fifteen countries and offices in Boston, USA, London, UK and Athens, Greece. For more information, visit www.zoottle.com or reach out to hi@zoottle.com.

About GCommerce®

Built on the belief that one-size-fits-none, GCommerce strives to eliminate the cookie-cutter approach to digital marketing. Catering to a wide variety of clients in the hospitality and tourism industry, GCommerce provides a customized, strategic, and client-focused approach to digital marketing. Services provided include but are not limited to search engine optimization and marketing, website design and development, display advertising, email marketing, content marketing and social media advertising and consultation. 

Boasting a robust and diverse clientele including industry-leading hotel management groups, luxury and boutique hotel brands, resorts and casinos, franchises and independents, and more. For more information, visit www.gcommercesolutions.com or reach out to sales@gcommercesolutions.com.

GCommerce Media Contact:
Lindley Ferris
GCommerce Solutions

Zoottle Media Contact:
Nasos Analogidis



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