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During the next few months, we will be participating in the following events. We would love to meet you and showcase the ways you can increase your direct bookings using Zoottle.


If you are planning to visit any of these events, please contacts us at hi@zoottle.com so that we can schedule a meeting.

1-3 Nov 2016 – NEIRA annual meeting  (Bretton Woods NH,  USA)

13-15 Nov 2016 – HX: The Hotel Experience (Jacob K. Javits convention center  NY, USA)

14 Nov 2016 – Boutique Hospitality Conference  (Radisson Blu Park Hotel, Athens, Greece)

18-20 Nov 2016 – Philoxenia, HELEXPO, Thessaloniki, Greece (stand 3, pavilion 15)

22-23 Nov 2016 – Digi.Travel Athens, Greece

25-28 Nov 2016 – 100% Hotel show  Athens, Greece (booth OB3)

25-27 Nov 2016 – Greek Tourism Expo Athens, Greece

10-13 Feb 2017 – HORECA Athens, Greece

22 Feb 2017 – Social tourism Conference Athens, Greece


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